Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a special one too X

Images here


I'm Dreaming...

Today we had snow.

Could it be a white Christmas?!

The children are so excited - so am I!


Tree & Biscuits

We got the tree today.

Made some biscuits, but forgot to put a hole in for the ribbon.

It was hard, but we had to eat them instead of hang them!

Will make more tomorrow .

(Sorry for bad quality photos - only had my mobile to hand.)

If you are quick Vejacecilia is having a wonderful giveaway.
Visit her because her work is just beautiful.


In December...?!

Mr Bumblebee, today in the garden.
He's shy in the first picture.

He looked so lonely :(


Respect and Protect

Today is World Aids Day

I would have liked to have seen this event.